Things I enjoyed in 2020

We all know what kind of year 2020 was. Despite all that, I wanted to write a 2020 recap and share the positive things I enjoyed and learned during the last year. Maybe it’s a controversial opinion, but my perception of 2020 was a positive one. It wasn’t really eventful compared to all of the other years, but I managed to work on a lot of boring tasks. And I didn’t experience the usual overwhelming fear of missing out. 2020 was the year I didn’t want but desperately needed. Here is a list of things that made my 2020 awesome!

Slowing down and time for myself

I‘ve been burnt out for a long time now and I appreciate that I was forced to take a break. As someone who lives in the city, I really enjoyed the quietness of the early lockdown days. Even as an extrovert I kinda celebrated that I had an excuse to socialize less. I wrote more about self-care in my article „Spending time with yourself“ back when the lockdown started.

Fostering existing relationships

Even before COVID happened, I cared a lot about my interpersonal relationships, but I was always a person that wanted to chase the new unknown things. That’s why I had to spread my time a lot thinner between people I want to spend time with and the activities I wanted to do independently. Because of social distancing and no events happening; I focused on fewer people but built more intimate relationships with them. I always knew that I don’t need a lot of friends to be happy and 2020 confirmed it for me. Even though there are a lot of people I still look forward to spending time with again.

Invest time in home cooking

Trying out more new recipes (every few months) has been one of my goals for around two years or so. I‘m kinda obsessed with cooking new food and discovering new flavors. I love to cook for my friends and eat with nice company. As eating out was kinda the more fun and less labor option, I neglected cooking at home. I’m proud to announce that I finally managed to try out some new dishes on my never-ending recipe collection.

Poem writing

My online writing presence was not that consistent in the last 1,5 years. Writing is still my passion, but I have been writing for myself more. There is content that is benefiting other people that I love sharing, but some writings are just for me to heal or sort out my thoughts. Poems were never a form of text that I was ever interested in though. As I wanted to write about broken hearts, love, and loneliness, I felt like poems manage to capture the mood I want to express perfectly. Now I occasionally write poems and maybe publish a poetry book one-day :).


Folding origami

Not sure if it’s because I’m Asian, but I was interested in folding origami since forever. I just never took time to actually buy paper and get started at all. Being obsessive with origami didn’t really help me maintain a healthy sleeping schedule, but it was just too fun and frustrating at times. Did you know, that you actually need to practice some folds for them to be clean? I’m planning to do some bigger 3D Origami projects in the future as well.

Spending more time on music & singing

Before 2020, I was just kinda listening to music when I went outside, sitting on public transportation, and trying to ignore the rest of the world. I used to sing at home sometimes for fun or at karaoke parties. In 2020 I started to actually work a bit on my singing and doing some exercises. Not sure if I actually improved at all though :D. I started using music as a self-care tool as well. Just laying in bed and listening and jamming to music, not stressing about other things. I’m kinda proud of my Weeb-Playlist

Building an online life

We do movie nights every Wednesday and anime every Sunday on discord. Separately from those, I watch some of the seasonal anime with a friend on discord as well.

I finally joined the Puttyverse! I’ve been lurking around wanting to join for a while now, but never felt like I can financially manage. So I tried to apply for a scholarship, not expecting anything. But I got it!!! I’m happy to contribute to the community building group and help out and learn more about coaching.  I was so surprised when I received a handwritten postcard from Emilie.

Watching anime and catch up on manga

I‘m just crazy about anime and manga, but now I’m finally working on my to watch list. (Not sure why the list keeps getting longer though.) It’s some weeb sh** but I reached a milestone of over 500 anime watched! Wuhu! I know it’s not really helping me with life, but I don’t care about life when I can just be a degenerate and watch more!

Trying out different makeup looks

I was a makeup fan following Michelle Phan for a long time now, but I don’t enjoy wearing makeup in my daily life too much. Usually, I just do some basic eyeliner and that’s it. (If I actually do anything at all.) For some reason, I really started to enjoy creating looks for myself. Often sometimes at midnight, just to remove it away an hour later. I may want to try more ambitious looks in the future :D.


With no kinky events in sight, missing Eurix a lot; Queerope was something that made me so happy in 2020. I miss the rope community so much and I‘m so thankful for Karada House that made it possible for me to attend virtually. A lot of amazing presenters and inspiring workshops. Virtual Queerrope 2021 is happening soon as well! <3

There were other great moments that didn’t make it on this list, but this was my 2020 recap! What did you enjoy in 2020? Wish you all a (late) happy new year!

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