Spending time with yourself

People are used to be busy and we live in a world where external stimuli are always available. There are so many fun things to explore in the outside world. Most of us are taking the ability to spend time with other people for granted. It’s easy to keep ourselves distracted and entertained. Even when we don’t feel like going out, there is a thing called the internet, where you can get an infinite amount of things to consume. Till this thing called COVID19 happened. For most people, their world started to fall apart. No parties on weekends, no festivals in the summer, no casual hanging out at a restaurant with friends anymore. So, what is left? A lot of time with yourself.

We cannot avoid being alone, so we’d better learn to love our own company. We learn our greatest life lessons alone. We discover the truth of who we are alone.

Susan L. Taylor



The first thing that I noticed in my circle is that people started to complain a lot about boredom. When you are an extrovert, you aren’t used to spending a lot of time on your own. Suddenly there is this huge hole you don’t know how to fill. Or you are locked up with people you would rather not see 24/7. You crave fun, stimuli or a way out of your situation. Time seems to pass really slowly and it starts to feel like you are not really living life anymore. I get it. It can be hard to entertain yourself. And it’s even harder to get out of your comfort zone and try to find something to do alone besides being a zombie consuming one series after another.

Boredom can be horrific, but it doesn’t help to put up too much resistance. It’s kind of generic advice, but we need to accept the facts and try to make the best out of it. If you try to see it from the other side of the coin, ask yourself a few questions. When was the last time you actually had time to do nothing? When was the last time you actually had the chance to hang out listening to music and let your mind wander? When was the last time you felt like there is actually no pressure to do anything? When was the last time you had the privilege to do or learn something you always wanted to do but never had time for it?

It might sound stupid, but slowing down life can feel amazing, Even though a lot of possibilities are currently not available right now, I promise you that there are still plenty left. And you have the ability to find and enjoy them even when you are your only company in these times.


People are social beings. That means we need other people in our lives. We crave connections, love, and intimacy with others. I personally love people. I love talking to them, hearing their stories, and find out how they think and live their lives. Loneliness is real and it can be really painful to feel alone and isolated. But I want to remind you that even though the situation isn’t great at the moment, the people you love are still there. In our times of advanced technology, there are plenty of options to connect to others. Text someone, you didn’t contact within a long time, make video calls to see the faces of your loved ones. Join communities or play some online or board games with your friends. Even watching Netflixseries together is possible.

I know that it doesn’t replace the real interaction, but even if it only helps a bit, reach out. Tell others that you miss them, that you feel lonely. Make after C19 plans to look forward to. Most of us are feeling similar things during this pandemic, so it’s the best time to connect to the people in your life and get closer to each other. You don’t have to go through this alone. I know that some may not be blessed with friends or people they can talk to, but even then there are hotlines you can call and pour out your thoughts and pain. Don’t let loneliness take over. Take care of yourself and your mental health.


When we don’t manage to balance out the negative effects, we can end up with depression. Depression is such a serious topic and I could write hundreds of articles about this. The first thing I want to say is that you never have to feel ashamed or bad about the fact that you are depressed. It’s not your fault. Even if there is still a negative stigma around it, I assure you that you are not less worth then anyone else out there. Depression is a f*cking asshole that makes you feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Believe me that I know what I’m talking about. Last year I tried to give up and ended up in the psychiatry for two months.

The only advice I can give is, please go out and seek professional help. Your family and friends can help you with organizing an appointment or accompany you. I know that the road seems hard and full of obstacles, but I still want to encourage you to try to get better. Even though things may look hopeless now, you are still the narrator of your life and have the power to change the course to the place you want to be.


In these times self-care is even more essential than usual. I might write a more in-depth article about this topic in the future, but I felt like it’s necessary to at least add a shortlist to make this one wholesome. Some advice might not work for you, as the list is pretty basic, but maybe you can still find some inspiration out of these. Self-care is not a one-time thing, so do not stray from doing it every day :).

  1. Take time for self-care.
  2. Maintain a regular daily routine and sleeping rhythm.
  3. Take care of your physical health with healthy food and exercise.
  4. Connect with your loved ones. (With the options that are currently available.)
  5. Relax. With music, meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, autogenic training, etc.
  6. Give yourself love. Do things that make you happy.
  7. Read more. Do less tech.
  8. Immerse yourself in learning a new skill.
  9. Let your mind wander. Take a break. Do nothing.
  10. Date yourself, be a tourist in your own city.
  11. Dress up and make yourself feel gorgeous.
  12. Declutter and get rid of everything that you don’t need or drag you down.
  13. Dance and sing like no one’s watching.
  14. Masturbate and release all those wonderful hormones.
  15. Soothe yourself. Tell yourself that you are awesome. Or make a list of things you love about yourself for the bad times.


That’s it for today. Take care of yourself during this pandemic, stay safe and healthy! <3

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