Life goals: 

Things on this list are in permanent state of change. I do have goals for the year and the next three years as well. More about the background and how I aprroached creating this list is gonna be readable in the book I’m currently writing.

  • Financial independence 
  • Stable Relationships 
  • Healthy Food habits
  • Improve skills for dealing with borderline (prioritizing happiness)
  • Never stop learning and growing (always have a book with me)
  • Get better at roping 
  • Write a book
  • Staying INSANE & AMAZING!

Quartal goals:

  • Trying a new recipe once
  • Watching one anime from the „to-watch“ list 
  • Go to a new place and date myself
  • Try a new restaurant 
  • Try to do something out of your comfort zone
  • Reviewing goals and ask myself questions

Monthly goals:

  • Do rope at least once
  • Open a book and start reading two times
  • Clean the flat properly at least once
  • Learn something about IT at least once
  • Monthly reviews
  • Bulk-Cooking / Prepping ingredients 
  • Write on my book at least twice

Weekly goals: 

  • Try to fit in training 
  • Write an article for Sexchronik
  • Cook food twice a week 
  • Keep up my passion for anime!
  • Writing down goals for the next week
  • Check for new Meetups 

Daily goals:

  • Stretching shoulders
  • Minimum 7 Hours sleep
  • 5-min Workout
  • Practice gratefulness