How parkour became my inspiration

Before I start with telling you about things that I love about parkouring, I want to write a few words of appreciation to the person, that introduced me to this sport and continues to support me. It’s quite cheesy to do it like this, but I felt that it wouldn’t be the whole truth when I don’t. I’m really grateful that I crossed paths with this wonderful person. I heard him saying „Everyone can do parkour.“ and I was like „Even people that aren’t sporty at all like myself?. I was really skeptical at the beginning, but I wanted to know. So we met up and I trained for around three hours. I was exhausted like never before, but I had so much fun and it was so rewarding that I wanted to do it again.

Thank you, J. for being my coach and always pushing me when I think that I can’t do something. Thanks for telling me that I can achieve anything when I just work hard enough and don’t give up. Thanks for appreciating my efforts and believing in me. I still remember that conversation where he said that I could write about parkour one day and I said: „No, surely not.“ Now I’m doing it. Life is so unpredictable.

„You can only become a better version of yourself when you do things you never did before.“

Why I fell in love with parkour and plan to stay

  1. Diversity
    I’m a person who gets bored with anything quite fast. But in this case, I don’t even know when that boredom is gonna kick in. When I don’t feel like doing one exercise, I can just switch to something else or go to a different location.
  2. The world is your training ground
    I love to train outside the most, but even in winter, we can just go to some sports hall. The world is huge and you can find spots to train almost everywhere. Even if it’s just my floor at home to do some exercises.
  3. Challenges
    I love them the most. They are fun, challenging and often put me out of my comfort zone. Every time I master one, I feel like I’m the motherfucking king of the world.
  4. Creativity
    There are surely different techniques for how you can overcome obstacles but there is no „one“ right way to do things. You have the freedom to find the path you can and want to take.

Parkour feels like freedom for me. It helped me to see that I can do more than I think I can if I would just try and work on it. I love how I get confronted to get out of my comfort zone a lot and that overcoming my own fears is less impossible and scary than I thought it would be. The other thing I learned is, that hard work gets rewarded. All these small signs of progress I’m making are motivating me to push forward and try again. I’m even managing to overcome my fear of heights a bit and still making progress on that.

What I only thought of as some random sports became one of the big foundations of me finding the courage to start this blog project. To change. To strive for more in my life. To strive for things I thought I can’t. Saying yes instead of no, just because I’m scared. Trying things I didn’t think I would actually like. #striveforgreatness



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