My bucket list blueprint inspired by Travis Bell

Meet your personal hero
Your proud achievements
Buy that special something
Ultimate challenges
Conquer a fear
Kind act for others
Express yourself
Take lessons
Leave a legacy
Idiotic stuff
Satisfy a curiosity
Travel adventures 

The buried life“ – Inspiration 

  1. What’s important 
  2. Write it down 
  3. Be persistent 
  4. Be audacious 
  5. Help other people

„If your dreams do not scare you they aren’t big enough.“

Before you ask; I don’t know how I can do this. But I want to try. And yes, I’m scared as hell, but exited at the same time. I believe that it’s more about the challenge and experience, rather than the outcome. This list accompanies the life goal about me staying awesome and insane. When you want to be part of this, please support & contact me!

  1. Find people who want to do stuff on this list with you 
  2. Launch this project on social media
  3. Write a bestseller book 
  4. Have sex with a celebrity 
  5. Run a marathon 
  6. Do a Ted Talk 
  7. Be a sex educator 
  8. Start a movement 
  9. Paying my debts 
  10. Be a part of a psychological research 
  11. Be a life coach for someone 
  12. Practice polyamory 
  13. Be a sex-blogger
  14. Become a polyglot 
  15. Plan a crazy wedding for someone
  16. Become a self-made millionaire by age 40
  17. Own a supper club 
  18. Create a successful start-up
  19. Open a bar 
  20. Take part in a horse race 
  21. Have lunch with Lindsey Stirling 
  22. Meditating under a waterfall
  23. Maintaining a calendar
  24. Start a non-profit organization
  25. Breaking the habit of being messy 
  26. Get featured on a newspaper 
  27. Be a part of an organizer team for a festival 
  28. Be part of a theatre play
  29. Design a website 
  30. Minimalistic lifestyle 
  31. Be a nude model for painters 
  32. Play a zombie in some movie/series 
  33. Be a member of a TV Studio audience 
  34. Be in a commercial
  35. Be on a radio show
  36. Start a podcast 
  37. Do a street music performance 
  38. Create a video and upload it to the internet 
  39. Record myself singing and send it to someone 
  40. Do a paid pole dance in a strip club 
  41. Try out sex work
  42. Live in a country for a year where you don’t speak that language or visited before 
  43. Doing a US road trip with a stranger 
  44. Grow your own weed at home 
  45. Start a blog in English 
  46. Do a shibari performance 
  47. Enter a kickboxing tournament 
  48. Build a house with someone 
  49. Design my own clothing brand 
  50. Find love
  51. Do an awesome DIY-Cosplay and attend a convention with that 
  52. Create a passive income 
  53. Maintaining a small wins list 
  54. Find a career I love 
  55. Love myself 
  56. Write and record a song with someone
  57. Get paid to travel 
  58. Have my own Wikipedia entry 
  59. Own Tiffany jewelry 
  60. Eat a meal cooked by a celebrity chef 
  61. Write a cookbook 
  62. Complete a 2000-piece puzzle 
  63. Be someone‘s inspiration & change that person’s life
  64. Time travel to experience New Year’s Eve twice 
  65. Have stream on twitch and get partnered  
  66. Go to a festival 
  67. Learn a Lia Kim Choreography and perform it somewhere 
  68. Mary a stranger in Las Vegas 
  69. Coming out to the people of my past that I‘m a sex-blogger 
  70. Start a life goals list